Where is FMOD Studio support?

After two years of development i would have hoped something more than Wwise support would be available. FMOD Studio being the next logical choice.

As i have no interest in using Wwise, where on your roadmap is FMOD support?

Bumping this topic. Has anything changed in the audio middleware? Will the upcoming 1.18 support FMOD Studio or ADX2 etc?

Not to my knowledge, not saying it wont come but not sure about 1.18 - 1.20 ive come to like wwise but other solutions is always nice

yes i would also be pretty interested in probably a roadmap form the amazon lumberyard crew? it would be great to have a FMOD integration like for unity etc. in the (near?) future.


It will be nice to have FMOD instead WWISE because first one cheaper and doesn’t have limitation in count of sounds. Please add support FMOD.

wwise isn’t so bad but it would be nice to have realtime editor representations of the falloff of positional sounds and such (I’m not sure if that’s already doable or not).

wwise has limitations in count of sounds? I didn’t read that in the differences on the wwise website between the pro and ltx licenses.

I mean count of sounds for full Starter version WWISE. I think it is not right do comparison between Full version FMOD and cut version of WWISE.

LTX have limitations https://github.com/awsdocs/amazon-lumberyard-user-guide/blob/master/doc_source/audio-wwise-ltx-full-comparison.md