Where's the Maya 2018 exporter?

I have Maya 2018. The setup assistant program only detects for Maya 2017 and doesn’t even allow you the option to still install the exporter if you have Maya 2018.

I’ve been using LY 1.10 for awhile now. I only just downloaded LY1.16 only with the hopes that I could actually start exporting additive animations from Maya 2018. I spent half the day downloading LY1.16 only to find that nope, even the latest version still doesn’t allow me to install the exporter for Maya 2018. WTF?!?

Do you folks realize that Maya 2018 users have effectively no way of exporting assets for LY? Or do you guys not care?

Hey @friendMaster2000,

There’s actually no need for the exporters any more since we have been supporting the FBX pipeline for a while now. We recommend exporting your content in FBX format and using those FBX files in your Lumberyard project.

We have been moving away from custom exporters (such as Max and Maya) and been using a more universal format that is usable for all customers that may not want to purchase expensive DCC tools.

You may find these docs useful as well:

I have switched to .fbx export. It is actually quite neat. Ask me anything if you have questions.
It still works with CryPhysics proxy meshes as well, just do a _phys and it autodetects that mesh as a proxy. Using a suffix of “_Lod1” and a mesh will be auto set to LOD1.
The FBX import settings dialogue for each file lets you configure what mesh is interpreted as what after the fact as well.