White Box Tool Feedback

Hey everyone,

The 1.25 release of Lumberyard introduced the White Box Tool (an Editor feature for creating simple level geometry while prototyping).

There’s a lot left to do but we wanted to get what we had in front of people as early as possible and would love to hear your feedback. Please tell us what you like/don’t like, what you feel is missing and would like to see added or any other issues/bugs/ideas.

We’re trying to gather as much feedback as possible and will be using it to help drive future development.

Thank you very much for your time! We look forward to hearing from you!




Hi @tom-hh

:bulb: My Idea is For the future, Please Lumberyard team develop this tool a lot, I think include the possibility of making 3D Characters and Animation Rigs and Unwrap Map 3D Character Texture as well with White Box Tool :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

I saw white box tool in this video :point_down: It is Good for now :sunglasses:

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Everything is fine, but the boolean of the operation are just necessary…
Such as addition, subtraction of geometry, etc
Thank you, you’re cool!


Thanks very much for your feedback @didzey! :slight_smile:

Yes boolean operations are awesome and we would love to add support for them in future. We have a few other bits and pieces we’d like to polish in Sketch Mode but as soon as that’s done adding support for intersection/union/substraction is very much on the list!

Thanks for the confirmation that this is an important feature!

Thanks again for checking out the tool.



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