Who successfully tried GameLiftLocal on Lumberyard ?

Hi, i very long time try run GameLift Local on Lumberyard and every time is faill. And I’m curious, have sombody who successfully tried GameLiftGem and GameLiftLocal ? Client - Server, not AWS CLI - Server.

I have not tested it yet however I noticed that version in download page https://aws.amazon.com/it/gamelift/getting-started/ is 3.1.7 ( with GameLiftLocal 1.0.2) while libraries in lumberyard 1.10 are from 3.1.5 can this be the problem?Do we need GameLiftLocal from 3.1.5 to make it work or it is 1.0.2 in both releases?

Yep, i tried only GameLiftLocal 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 but not 1.0.0 And i will happy to listen answer on your question about different versions :slight_smile: