Why do Heightmap.dat and VegetationMap.dat keep changing?

Using git for our project makes it easy to see that these files keep on changing. It’s pretty much impossible to make it even a single commit without these files being altered.

And yet, we haven’t done any work to change them. Terrain work is finished, vegetation work is finished, and we only run the level in the editor with Ctrl-G to test things with our scripting and gems - things that do not touch the terrain or vegetation. We never open the terrain editor or even really click on things in the level.

This ties in to the issue of the editor CONSTANTLY asking you to save before exiting. I get that this is a good practice, and it might be good for the editor to just constantly ask, even if it’s somewhat annoying. However, it seems like maybe it’s asking because the values in these files are being constantly changed without any apparent input from us. Why? What’s going on?

Interesting–hang tight folks, let me get some answers from a few of my peers :slight_smile:

Sorry for the troubles :frowning:

Naw – you guys are awesome! Thanks for helping shape Lumberyard :slight_smile: