Why do you block my id Facebook ?!


when i seen this page , inside facebook today , i seen block me !!! oh my God !!


mypage :


Why do you block my id Facebook ??? !!!

I wonder!
I made Lumberyard video tutorials.
I am a researcher and teacher.
But you block me?
What is the reason?

Hey @AhmadKarami, thanks for the enthusiastic reply! I am new to the team but will try to answer as many of your questions as I can (or am allowed to) over the next week or so. You have some really great questions and feedback and I cannot wait to watch those tutorials!

In the meantime you should be able to post on the Facebook page again. Your account was flagged as posting too much and that triggered a banned status.

Again, we are very glad you are so interested and invested in Amazon Lumberyard and hope you continue to enjoy and benefit from it as we continue to grow and add features.

Stay tuned for answers coming in the next week or so.

Hi Binky

i’m glad for your answer , okey

i continue for Creation video tutorials and Post Questions :wink:

i seen ,A number of questions, not answered.

01-Shape Components??? What can be applied??

02-Is CryEngine GameSDK-Woodland Asset PackagesLumberyard 1.5 compatible with Lumberyard 1.6? or 1.4 compatible with Lumberyard 1.5??or this packages compatible with lumberyard 1.4??

03-how i can Lua script Raycast Simulate and get RaycastHit information (without c++ code)???

04-how i can Spawn Entity(Dynamic Slice) inside a lua script (without c++ code)???

05-how to make projectiles with lua script (without c++ code)???

06- how to make throw grenades with lua script (without c++ code)???

07- how to make throw grenades and explosions with lua script (without c++ code)???

08- how to make throw grenades and explosions and kill enemies lua script (without c++ code)??

09- How about the health or magazine we send info players to the UI Text element with lua script (without c++ code)?

AND One Important Question

10- when i seen lumberyard , similar Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 , CAN WE Hope lumberyard in GDC 2017 or GDC 2018 WILL BE , just like unity5 and UE4 ??? I mean make Great games with lua script or C# Language inside lumberyard (without c++ code)???

PLEASE ADD FEATURES to Lumberyard 1.6 or 1.7 without need c++ code

i seen lumberyard 1.5 , and it is Great , we need to Creation Games without C++ code

i need to lumberyard team feedback and reply my questions

i am waiting for your reply if everyone can to help me, i will be happy…

Since there is no source of Lua Script learning in the forum and other sites.
My questions will be answered too late.
I’m a person that love, quickly get to answer all this question.
You know that time is gold.
It’s time for me more than gold.

i made 2 playlist video tutorials for Lumberyard :



I have a lot of questions …


Hello Binky,

Thank you very much.
I have a lot of questions.
It was just a small corner of my questions.
The truth is that I have proposed ideas.
I hope I am quick to answer all this question.
Because my time is worth more than gold.
I went to Facebook.
Everything was solved!
I think I must have sent the spam.
That’s why my account was blocked on Facebook.

Now Solved , Thanks Again

I worked this years(5 years) with a different game engine.
But Lumberyard is different.
The difference is that code in it soon will be easy.
I’ve understood it.

With the utmost respect and courtesy

Ahmad Karami

I am a teacher and researcher.I should be able respond to questions students about Lumberyard .

Hi @AhmadKarami, the Lumberyard team really enjoys your tutorials, videos, and interaction in the community. I am currently looking into the Facebook issue with our Social Media team and will let you know what I find out as soon as I hear something.

Please keep making these great tutorials and posting questions. We value your contribution!

we want lumberyard team add ALL Game SDK Entities( like as WaterRippleGenarator Entity) to lumberyard game engine

is possible add ALL Game SDK Entities to Lumberyard 1.6 or 1.7???

is possible??