Why does it take so long to create a new project in Lumberyard?

When I create a new project, it always take a long time (the program said it may take 10 minutes, but with my cheap laptop, it took more like hour).


don’t understand why it always has to take so long to create a new empty project.

Is it building the project or re-building the Lumberyard engine?

Is there anyway to create a new project quicker?

Why doesn’t it create a small project and link to the Lumberyard Engine (like CryEngine does) instead of push everything in the new project?

It depends on your computer. For mine for example, it creates a new project in 3 mins on my laptop. It depends on how well your computer can handle building/compiling/transfering all at once.

Wow, mine takes nearly 2 hours to create 1 new project :frowning:
I hope Lumberyard will fix this in the future, make creating a new project fast as other game engine does. I can’t learn Lumberyard when creating a new project too time consuming.

I was having the same issue. I gave up because I spend more time waiting on this buggy engine than actually doing work and making art. on the same computer it takes me less than a min to make a new project in all other engines and it takes over 1hr to create a new project in lumberyard. Lumberyard is probably the buggiest most difficult engine to use on the market right now. It’s even worse than StingRay. Even cry-engine is easier and it’s nowhere near as easy to use as Unity and Unreal. I men go take a look at there GDC stuff from this year its mostly marketing for there aws service but no one is going to use any of that of the engine is broken. Lumberyard is not for indie.

Actually, it’s long to setup (create new project - build new project - wait for the asset done process, it took me roughly a day) at this time, hope Amazon improve it, but after you’ve done setting up, it’s not bad.

@BigMonet any improvments to long new project build times its been 2 hours and its still on building project step. Please improve the time it take to build a new project because my whole day is wasted trying to get this started and I cant actually start on the game till its done. And even after it finishes sometimes it fails to build it. This is a very needed else it is not usable or dependable as a engine. Also same with Exporting the game Long times to build game and sometimes it fails to build. It would make me so happy to see this improved because it is the main issue with new people starting in the engine. And it also make my life easier. Please

OK I gave this engine a try:

  1. editor rendering glitches
  2. crazy project build system
  3. incorrect documentation
  4. creating new project seems to rebuild editor every time

That’s ridiculous. I’m not using it any more.

Hey @4n1k1 That is up to you. I hope you find the engine that is right for you, because I know LY is right to only a select few that like to work with it, and watch as it improves. I hope to see you back in a few years to try again! :+1:

You can describe the first and third paragraph you put forward?

What do you mean by glitches? What do you mean by incorrect documentation?

Yes? The Documentation is actually pretty much spot on for each version, you just have to give each version a week to get the documentation out for it/Update the documentation.

Rendering glitches:

Create default project, the one which has simple level. Look at sphere and cylinder. Notice that while in editor mode default textures have shading issues (like trembling surface). I know this may seem like minor issue but for people who start with the engine this is on surface.

Incorrect documentation (I specifically looked for docs for 1.24):

In the same default project remove all entities (including comments, camera, environmental thing so that left panel where objects are listed is empty). Notice that infinite ocean is present. Documentation states that to have infinite ocean you have to add an entity with infinite ocean component. I would I assume that when everything is deleted there will be no ocean so I wasn’t able to get rid of it. So I assumed that it’s somehow prebuilt into default project. I decided to create new one which is empty and it took forever (I’ve waited for more than 15 minutes) to create it on my Ryzen 3700X it’s when I gave up. I can easily come up with the solution where you don’t need to rebuild the whole editor every time once it has been built once. I don’t know why it’s done.

Another thing which is on the surface is that mouse pointer glitch. Sometimes cursor gets the shape of a stick (the one it gets when you hover text input areas) and gets stuck in such shape even though you don’t hover text input areas.

Editor framerates cap which is absent by default is also a bad idea to my mind which makes you look for the way to add it so that you video card is not “bitcoin mining” while you are looking at some example level.

I mean that’s a lot of issues which just drop on you when you just getting started. I guess @WashedUpStudios is right and that’s not the time for LY and me yet :slight_smile:

Yes, I few of those issues are correct like the video card and frame rate one, but I just double click on the console text and switch the cap frame rate to 60, and turn vsync off during development to get good results at minimum Graphics Card usage. I personally have yet to have problems were my cursor became the text cursor all the time, and the shading thing you are seeing can be due to the Environment Probe not being set at good values to get a clean fresh look for all of you shadows. This is a must need in your scene to get a good look, without it your project is too dark and shadows look horrible. The Ocean thing you are talking about must be a bug, because I always start with the default project and add all the gems I need and the Ocean is only in the scene if I add it to an entity, and then you can move it up and down by moving the entity up and down, and get rid of it all together by deleting the entity that holds the ocean component. I am very sorry for the troubles you have been through. I hope you do check this engine back out after a few updates when CMake gets added in place of WAF, and your project build/rebuild time will be cut down drastically. (That is my main complain as well, all about the BUILD TIME :unamused:). :+1:

Yes the build is not ideal to a lot of people, but I know they are working on getting C-Make the new build system which will make times drastically different. This engine may have a few issues, but what engine doesn’t. I know the devs are hard at work fixing bugs and adding new features every day of the week. This engine may never be like unreal, but in my opinion it beats every other engine for 3d for my needs.

I just want to agree with your point about the mouse cursor. That is incredibly annoying.