Why does my Gem show as disabled? LY 1.12

And how can I enable it? In all of my attempted rebuilds I was requested to update some framework via this console command

lmbr_aws project update-framework-version 1.0.0 1.1.1

Before I did this, the LUA script would return upon seeing script that would invoke the code of the gem, now the script will not halt and will complete successfully at the gem code invoking script, but it wont invoke the code.


Hi @rjlwest,

Typically gems are enabled through ProjectConfigurator (dev/Tools/LmbrSetup/platform/ProjectConfigurator.exe). You can, per project, enable or disable specific gems. Once you do that you just need to lmbr_waf configure and you should be good to go. Have you taken those steps already? If so, could you provide some more detail on your gem?

its already enabled through project configurator, the files are in VS2015, they show in the editor but show as disabled. its the TextToSpeech Gem.

Hi @rjlwest,

Can you confirm that you’ve gone through the documented steps for the Cloud Gem Portal/TTS Gem Portal? You can find that info here if you haven’t. Were you able to successfully setup a project/deployment stack in the Cloud Canvas Resource Manager and setup the requisite AWS resources?