Why does Skin Materials looks wet (extreme reflective) all the time in Legacy GameSDK?

I don´t know why, but the materials look kind of wet all the time… You can see this in the Legacy GameSDK, looking to the static geometry and even looking to the Character Skin.

Here is a picture.

There are some config in the level that I´m missing?

Also, the materials are not marked as Wet in shader params, and looks like they are all okay in terms of parameters.


Please leave assset process a bit more time to finish compiling textures. It should get back to normal once the textures finish compiled.

You can also close editor and end Asset processor process manually then delete dev\cache.

Reopen editor and let it re-compile assets.

I hope this help.

Thankyou @Datouwan

But, didn’t work :frowning:

It looks like the texture never finishes loading! The Asset Processor finishes, but the character textures (and the fp hands and weapon) are always in this “far” mode… (look in the character clothes in the picture above)

Can you post an image of your pc version? Thanks in advance!


It looks like the textures for player character in game legacy sdk are missing. They are all 1 kb in size and in DDS format instead of TIFF. I’ll post two images comparing the texture size between legacy game sdk and beach city .

Legacy game–

Beach city –

Nice find. I’ve been waiting…and waiting…and waiting thinking that the shaders hadn’t finished compiling.

@Goosus , @GustavoBolanho

Turns out enabling the “Woodland Asset Collection” Gem package on the GameSDK project solves the texture issue. This is what I got after adding the asset.

Thanks kelfire.

@kelfire good find!


It is a known bug, I will follow up the progress and stay tuned.