Why I can not see MY Jack in the EmotionFX?

I used Amazon Lumberyard

I do not compile EmotionFX gem , I show to you new animation system in the tool menu without compile , a few prev post , now , I want use Jack Robot , but do not exist Jack in the EmotionFX

where is the problem?

Hey @AhmadKarami, what’s your Default Project set to in Project Configurator? The Jack character assets for EMFX was under SamplesProject in :slight_smile:

No , my Default Project is Starter Game Project.

Why the EMFX for Starter Game Project is not work?

Ah, got it – so the characters in Starter Game are still using legacy animation systems. The teams working hard on updating this to EMFX very soon! Sorry for any inconvenience on this :frowning:

is possible rechange window/panels in the lumberyard? please add control to minimize,maximize,etc to Windows-Lumberyard , I think windows/panels in the lumberyard are very bad for users , this windows/Panels is not user Friendly :frowning:

if you check/verify windows UE4 , you can understand my mean / windows in the UE4 are like as Tab controls in the windows , Can You understand my feedback?

This is a great point - thanks for the perspective! I’ve added it to our list for further action :slight_smile: