Why i cant load the nature pack or woodland asset pack?

i downloaded the woodland asset pack and go to lumberyard terrain editor , i click on vegetation, add vegetation category, add object and when i try to load trees or bushes or anything i get RED Sphere


Hi, unzip content in your folder/dev/gems . Open ProjectConfigurator ->enable packages and check Woodland Asset Collection and save. “asset processor” will load all in the editor.Lanch the editor the asset is in Asset Collection Woodlan folder in geom.entity,material ecc. I hope that helps for me work fine.Sorry for my english

@tiyyarge, what @blueangel74 said is correct; you have to copy the files from the desired Asset Pack(s) to the corresponding folders in your Lumberyard\dev folder (i.e. dev\Gems\AssetCollection_Woodland from the zip file to Lumberyard\dev\Gems).

Then enable the assets package(s) by either 1) loading the Lumberyard Launcher (either Lumberyard\LumberyardLauncher.bat or Lumberyard\dev\Bin64\LumberyardLauncher.exe), then click Summary, then “Configure project,” or 2) load Lumberyard\dev\Bin64\ProjectConfigurator.exe directly, then click “Enable packages ->” at the top right. To enable the Woodland Asset Collection you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the list or click Name to sort reverse-alphabetical, click the check box next to Woodland Asset Collection (and any others you want to enable) and click the Save button, at which point the Asset Processor will open and chug through all 1,823 assets (at least, for the Woodland Assets there’s 1823 - I’m not sure about the other asset packs). This can take quite a while, so it’s best to start the processing before bed or something since you won’t be able to open the Editor until the Asset Processor is done.

I grabbd 1.7 and extraced woodland assets to /folder/dev/gems, yet running configurator it does not show up under gem extentions.

Is this a bug in 1.7?


That’s very interesting. I’ve not seen this or heard of anyone having this issue with 1.7. Was it working for 1.6 for you?

OK very sorry, SSStrike that batter out, my bad.

I was extracting to wrong DIR…time to CLear out prior install DIR"s m,like now ;))


Roger that! It happens to all of us at least once. Glad you got it sorted out.