Why I can't produce the ai following the tutorial? version1.12.0.1

I have set the AiTrigger, AiSpawnPoint and AI NavigationArea.

I also add BoxShape, TriggerArea ,LuaScript to AiTrigger and Spawner, LuaScript to AiSpawnPoint.

In addition,corresponding slice,script and GroupId is also added.

All in all, I did everything written on the tutorial step by step but it did’t work.

I will appreciate it if you can answer my question.

Hey @learner, our apologies for the delays — could you try to drop the AI NavigationArea box a tad below the terrain and check in to see if that works?

Thanks for replying. Do you mean the height of AI NavigationArea? I have decrease the height to five meters and the box surrounded by pink lines in the picture above is the AI NavigationArea.

Actually, every time I enter the TriggerArea, there is a sound sounds like creating ai but it will nerver stop humming.

In additional, I check the console and I think these information may help:

[Error] (GameplayNotificationId) - The GameplayNotificationId takes 3 arguments: an entityId representing the channel, a string or crc representing the action’s name, and a string or crc or uuid for the type

(Script) - AISpawner: ‘AiSpawnPoint’ couldn’t find a point to spawn the A.I.

[Warning] (Action Controller) - No character instance is available on this entity

(Script) - [StateMachine Animation] Successfully transitioned: Idle

[Warning] AI: The AIBubblesSystem received a message for a non existing entity. The message will be discarded.

(Script) - [StateMachine Animation] Successfully transitioned: Falling

[Warning] (Mannequin Component) - No valid action found for request id 73

But I have the AiTrigger and AiSpawnPoint as the picture below reveal. And I have added the GoupID and Required tags “PlayerCharacter” as well as Dynamic slice “ai_slice”.

It really confuses me a lot.