Why is the megaterrain texture not applying color data?

I am following the Starter Game tutorial using Lumberyard v1.13 beta. I have applied the height map and when I load the megaterrain texture, the color data is not applied.

Prior to this issue the megaterrain color data was applied and I had saved my updates. I was playing around and I loaded the StarterGame level. After closing this level and reloading my tutorial game, the color data was missing and I have not been able to fix it.

Apologies for the troubles and delays @StephenC — let me see if I can get some answers for ya. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Could you provide us with some repro steps to dive into this issue from a perspective, please?


Can you provide more details? I just imported a megaterrain texture into a new world and its working for me. So, I would like to know what part of the process is failing for you? Do you get any error messages?