Why the PBR shader does not exposure a gloss map sampler?

I’m new using Lumberyard, confusing aobut why there is no a sampler of gloss map in the default shader?

The official document says it is a 3A pbr shader, and I used to use roughness/metallic pipeline, didn’t find a way to use that type of texturing pipeline. What I got is specular, substance support specular/gloss pipeline too, but I didn’t see the gloss parameter. thank u guys for answering this simple question:D

Hi! In prev. life LY engine was an cryengine 3.8.
So you can find some tips in cry doc’s.

The Gloss map always goes into the Alpha channel of the Normal map


As per the answer Fluffy provided - add the gloss map in the alpha channel of the normal map. In this case the format of the map should reflect that and the suffix must be _ddna and not _ddn.
You can refer to this link for more info: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/latest/userguide/mat-maps-normal-gloss.html


Hi Fluffy, I just trapped here, thanks a lot for your suggestion, i’ll check that doc:smile:

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Thanks Adiblev! On my opinion, the shaders is quite hard for the begginners because there are no any comments in them:joy: Really hope the dev group could improve that!
But yeah I saw the doc, appreciate your reply:grinning: