Will Lumberyard support c# or any other byte code Language?

I’m seeing that it supports cpp, while looking at game scripting I’m only seeing node based system with I’m assuming you can still edit with cpp

Hello @juoni,

As of this moment, the Lumberyard Game Engine does not support c# and currently only supports C++ and Lua. You can also use the Flow Graph system (which uses C++ behind the scenes) to develop your game.

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There is a mono (C#) conversion for CE though, I’m not sure the developers have updated for Lumberyard but they might possibly do so.

Thank you, I look forward to seeing what you guys do with this!

That sounds like it would be pretty cool, it would allow us to bring in stuff written for Unity3d (Obviously minus anything MonoBehavior)

Hi gang…wanted to chime in here. CryCIL would be the best and fastest implementation right now.

  • I started a convo about it, I encourage everyone above to go post there and maybe we can create a fork or something. I was getting ready to do a comparison test between Lumberyard and CE 5…but for 3 days now CE can’t get their website to work with logins, I finally heard back from support and then I download their CE launcher and I get frozen at sign in screen on the app. Long story short, I have basically decided on Lumeryard…and I think I read somewhere in the docs that it is using 3.8 and if CryCIL is based on 3.8 now is the time to pounce and get this Mono C# integration going before versions get out of sync.

I unfortunately never was able to download CE or look at their GameSDK 5 so I am kinda flying blind…my plan is to attempt to follow the CryCIL readme walkthrough and see if I can get it going. I have never been able to find where the Lumberyard CE source is located or where to begin moding it. Any help here will be useful, and I can start another topic if people start replying. Anyways, I look forward to seeing you on github forking CryCIL for Lumberyard.

I dearly hope Lumberyard starts supporting C#!