Will Lumbeyard ever implement a shader language for shader programmers in the future?

Hey is i’m currently learning how to program using cg & hlsl in unity and it really improves the overall game development, for me because using high shader code i could manipulate just about anything. So i was wonder will lumberyard eventually include some sort of shader language such as Cg, HLSL, or/and GLSL in the future for developers that want to really manipulate materials in lumbeyard.

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Lumberyard already supports .cfx shader files. It’s complicated to use but if you understand shaders you should be able to piece it together by trial and error. Here’s some info to get you started.

Take a look at the following places in the project:


This is where the actual shader files are. For a basic lighting shader, use the illum.cfx shader as a template. The illum shader is the most common shader.


This is where the extension (.ext) files are. This is where you can specify names and types for custom shader params to be used by shaders.


Add new shaders to this xml file so they’re pickable in the material editor.