Will the GameLift SDK be available separately from Lumberyard?

Is the GameLift SDK going to be available any time soon in a form that’s separated from Lumberyard (i.e. for integration into another engine)?

It sounds as though, at this time, Section 57.5 of the Service Terms would restrict us from using it since it’s considered part of the “Lumberyard materials”. This would be so even if the integration was kept within our company, applied only to our games, and not shared, if we consider the term “support” quite broadly, though this may be a misreading.

57.5 Other Restrictions. Without limiting the license restrictions set out in the Agreement, you may not (a) distribute the Lumberyard Materials in source code form, except as expressly permitted by Section 57.2(b) and ©, (b) use or exploit the Lumberyard Materials or any portion thereof to develop, maintain, participate in the development of, or support any competing engine, development tool, or software framework

@Hi @CrustaceanSoup,

I think your question pertains to the roadmap for GameLift and we’re not able to show that just yet. We believe that
our customers should drive that roadmap, and since Lumberyard and Amazon GameLift are just
getting into your hands, we expect our existing plans will change. In fact, our
entire team is excited to build a new roadmap based on your feedback, so please
continue to post on our forums and give us your thoughts.

What we can share right now is
that we’re not slowing down, and we have lots more features and improvements
coming in the near future. You’ll soon see VR and mobile support, a new modular
component system that makes it easier to create new game entities and prefabs
(we’ll give you a sneak peak via our blog next week), a new FBX importer, GPU
particle effects support, continued improvements to the new asset processor, EU
support for Amazon GameLift
, additional ChatPlay functional for voting, and

Stay tuned!

@petrocket I would like to piggyback on this and ask that Gamelift be available as a standalone service. I’m an indie developer and this service would do wonders for my game, but I can’t change my engine to Lumberyard because it doesn’t support 2D. You’ve built something amazing for the game developers, I would love to be able to use it

+1 for standalone service as well, i certainly plan to use Lumberyard for my pretty parts, but for async gameplay of my game on not top end mobile devices I’d like to use a component based c# engine widely popular by indies…for the less AAA interaction and then have that engine sync with a XboxOne/PS4/WiiU, etc experience live. standalone service and sdk would speed this along and write once, deploy everyone even of different engines.