"Winds Of Change" New Lumberyard Dev Blog

Hello Lumbernauts,

A new dev blog on how the team will integrate in-game physics with NVIDIA is out! See below for the link to learn more.

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Hi @lmbr_Saulty :slightly_smiling_face:

Can PhysX Wind effect on the particles in LY 1.26 :question: :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

Of course, I have not been able to download 1.26 so far, because the Internet is expensive in Iran.

I mentioned this issue in LY 1.23 the following topic several months ago :point_down:

Thank you
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I read the article, GREAT the Article and I like this sentence very much , Thank you @lmbr_Saulty & Doug Erickson and the Amazon Lumberyard Physics Team :heart_eyes: :point_down:
We’re planning to button everything up in a General Availability (GA) release in the coming months, adding in advanced behaviors for NVIDIA Cloth, and including support the NVIDIA Blast destruction library, as well as putting the final polish on the White Box Tool and PhysX integration. It may be the end of a long journey for CryPhysics in Lumberyard, but what lies beyond will be better still.

@Gene Did Valena’s physics jump solved at 1.26 According to this new physics article? :question: :point_down:

Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, the jump is still purely animation driven. You may get away with applying an impulse to Valena when jump is pressed, but the same animations will still play. I’m excited for the new physics updates, I’m actually just now looking into updating Valena to work using a proper PhysX gravity instead of a gravity-script-canvas method currently in use :slight_smile:

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If you succeed and the jump is successful, I think it would be good to write a short tutorial for this mechanism or publish a video of it :wink:

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