You guys are doing great!......BUT

So to my surprise 1.4 came out pretty quick! (or maybe I didn’t realize cause i haven’t be around)

and you guys are making good headway but come on guys you have to know that not making the use of other packages (3D) is hurting who uses the engine in the long term right?.

Every week I would check the forum to see if we were getting so information about it and nothing so far. You guys even said your going to layout some sort of roadmap for us and it still hasn’t come…I know I KNOW its beta…I get that, I truly do, but letting us know whats in store and what we can look forward to is just as important as adding VR support.

the Lua editor and API is awesome and things like that is what makes me want to start up tutorials again on my channel…but do tutorials how I REALLY want I need to know that anyone who comes across my channel can use the tools they have…or at the very least download a free tool like blender for the task…now my channel isnt a huge channel so maybe this gets ignored but believe me I want you guys to to be a legitimate option in gamedev.

ok im done :slight_smile:

p.s tutorials are coming back soon regardless if amazon team hears my plea…not many options for tutorials atm …im no expert on the engine…yet and there are still things i need to learn, but any help i can provide in video format(when im not working on my UE4 project) ill do.

You would think that being able to use other 3D packages would have been one of the top things on the list. It has been almost a year. I was excited when Lumberyard first came out I thought they would work on the 3D package thing quickly. I have since uninstalled Lumberyard and CryEngine V and now just mainly focusing on Unreal Engine. I stop by from time to time hoping to see a change. Got excited when I say the 1.4 was out. I am out have a good day people.

Hello @Cstudios15,

Thank you very much for this valuable feedback, and a big thank you for contributing whatever Lumberyard tutorials you can. We want to do whatever we can to allow our community to grow and help each other out.

I’d like to address a couple topics you brought up just to make sure I’m understanding them properly:

First, regarding ‘other packages (3D)’. I’m assuming your talking about the fact that there is only a Max and Maya asset exporter. And that you or other developers may want to use other 3D applications, preferably free ones like Blender, to make 3D assets? If so, I’d like to let you know that we have our FBX Importer, released in 1.1, that will do the job. We have been making feature additions and improvements to the Importer since then and will continue to do so going forward. With the FBX Importer you can use any 3D application that can export FBX and then use the Importer to import that as a new asset in Lumberyard. For a tutorial on using the FBX Importer, please see this one. Currently, the Importer only imports static meshes, proxy data and materials and we are working towards a fully featured Importer for all types of assets.

As for the second topic, our roadmap, currently we do not have a public roadmap that we can share. We’re working on that and are sharing what we can when possible. So please stay tuned for more info and updates and please continue to offer us feedback and ask us questions and we’ll do everything we can to help you out.

I hope this answered your questions and addressed some of your concerns, if not please let me know and I’ll do my best to help out.

You can use the free Blender addon CryBlend to export skeletons, skins and animations to Lumberyard.

I outlined the process in this thread:

As soon as you get comfortable with the process it’s pretty quick and you can pretty much do the same things you can do with the Maya and 3dsMax exporters.

ps. I’d love to see a CryBlend -> Lumberyard tutorial on your YT channel :slight_smile:

Hey jason thanks for responding,

Yes, i was referring to other 3D packages like blender, MODO indie(14 bucks on steam) etc. I’m aware of the 1.1 exporter Im referring to having to use Autodesk products for characters, is this still not the case? say i wanted to show a tutorial on using Iclone character creator or Fuse from adobe, i cant because you guys still have that complicated workflow that on involves Max or Maya…something like this is integral if anyone wanted to do like a FPS tutorial series or, any character-based tutorial period…Honestly this is my only main concern as of now.

The roadmap thing isnt a deal breaker but would be nice to keep the community looking forward to things.

Sorry for the late response …didnt get a message that people responded.

yea i hear ya, and i do the same thing…i currently have a game on unreal engine but wanted to possibly use Lumberyard for a secondary project and also do tutorials for the community…but its hard at times…like i said i have Maya, but the majority of indie dev do not, and that a BIG audience to miss out on.