You know why Unity and UE4 are great and wonderful?

Hi lumberyard team,

I use unity 5 year , and , I use UE4 1 year ,

You know why Unity and UE4 are great and wonderful?

Yes , I see exist a lot functions/methods in the C# with API Unity / also I see exist a lot nodes in the Blueprints UE4.

You can change anything in gameplay with Unity / UE4 , for example : change materials GameObjects/Actors with C#/Blueprints in the RunTime , and other issue .

The main reason for Unity and UE4 is popularity(And user friendly
) :
Relationships between gameplay with C++ code is not implemented (Only C++ is in the Core - not gameplay)

I do not promote Unity and UE4.

But I think Amazon needs Solo teams in the Middle East to expand the lumberyard engine - Educational Centers - I’m ready for this job Under Amazon
, also I think , Amazon must shut off Unity and UE4 in the Middle East.

There is no hostility here, but development of strategies is important in the Middle East.

Talents in the Middle East are unemployed , And you can make jobs , These were just suggestions for َAmazon that people migrate to Lumberyard.

I’m designing and rebuilding (with new methods and powerful) the island of robots that I built it in Unity 3 years ago.
But I still see a lot of weaknesses in Lumberyard, and my reports will continue to hope for God.