Zero gravity level - is it possible?

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So, my objective is simple: build a spaceship that flies in space. I’ve read enough of the documentation to figure out that LY will probably do what I need to build my ship and fly it around. The one question that isn’t clear, and that is the only possible deal-breaker is gravity. I know we can do something with no gravity for “character” objects - but that isn’t what I need. This is going to be a (relatively) simple entity-based construct using the built-in object editor* and articulation anims. (Funny how the legacy stuff fits the bill just right.) Bottom line: can I build a level with zero gravity? You know, it’s in space and stuff.


  • Please please please keep the object editor. I hope you’re planning on pulling it out of legacy status at some point. Not having to resort to Blender is a huge bonus for using LY. Maya and Max - not an option.

Yes , I did and does work , I before added a “Character Physics” component, I Only changed “Player Dynamic” Parameters , see this picture , I use Lumberyard 1.14

if you reduce “mass param” , ship move will be faster.

if you increase “mass param” ship move will be slower.

I suggest to you , if you do not have a player in your game , you can use above picture in my project :

or here in my tutorial :

if you have questions , please let me know :wink:

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You can also turn gravity off by going to the Console Variables (Tools > Other > Console Variables).

Then search for gravity. You will see n p_gravity_z

Change the value to 0.

Unfortunately, you will have to set this value each time you start the editor (at least you do in

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